HY Industry Corporation Limited

Tea Table

HY tea table is made up of 5 units of 31.75x4.76 swaged aluminum grating with one table top, two support plates and two legs. The table top is covered by a piece of glass for things placed. 

The swaging process makes the tea table stable and smart, there is no welding points which makes it elegant without pollution. 

Aluminum is one of the most abundant materials in the world, using it for furniture is a good choice which could prevent wasting of wood and protect the environment. 

Aluminum grating tea table is simple, which also makes your house simple and fashion. It's such a different furniture that you might not find a similar one in the market. 

Having a HY swaged aluminum tea table in your home makes your house simple and warm. Just imagine a scene when you are watching TV with such a tea table in front of you, a tea set and a plate of fruits on the table. It is such an enjoyable thing! 

Grating tea table is easy for installing and uninstalling, can be used for a long time, even one hundred years. It's safe without formaldehyde, which provides you and your family a healthy environment.

Tea Table 1
Tea Table 2