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Square Aluminum Grate Flooring

In recent years square aluminum grate flooring has been a popular aluminum grille product with an open field of vision, ventilation, breathable, crisp lines, structured features. Moreover, its metal material adds some weight and texture instead of diminishing its taste. Some airports, subway lines, shopping malls, parking and other large buildings have expanded with the economy development. The traditional suspended materials are used in the decoration of large buildings, which occurs many limitations. Square aluminum grate flooring come into being as its construction is simple and good ventilation effect.

Features of square aluminum grate flooring:

◆ square lattice looks beautiful, magnificent, reflecting the square and symmetry of Chinese traditional culture
◆ vision, ventilation, breathable
◆ specifications and sizes of grille are free to choose
◆ rich colors, a combination of different effects
◆ Simple installation, 100% free assembly and disassembly
◆ very good corrosion resistance, resist humid environment, ultraviolet light
◆ anti-static, non-vacuum, easy to wash
◆ anti-fire, high hardness, hard to deformation
◆ non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable

Application of square aluminum grate flooring:

1.indoor ceiling
2. parking, used car stores
3. office buildings, offices, conference rooms
4. shopping malls, bars, leisure venues, senior clubs
5. airport, subway station, station
6. public places of leisure and open space