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Introduction To The Application Of Shading Louvers

The louvers originated in China. In ancient times, the straight and sleeping louvers were the most primitive forms of the louvers.

What does the shade louver  screens look like in modern architecture?

Now let's get to know the different types of louvers.

Modern shading facilities generally use concrete, steel, wood, aluminum alloy, tarpaulin, and other materials, because aluminum alloy materials are light, high strength, durable, heat storage and low thermal conductivity, so it has become a common material for shading facilities at home and abroad. When aluminum alloy shutters are used in indoor and outdoor buildings, they have different shading effects and forms.

Another is to place the shutters between two layers of glass, also known as hollow glass built-in shutters. This kind of shutter has strong positive shading, good sound insulation, and energy-saving effect. Putting the shutter in the middle of the glass effectively avoids the problem that the shutter needs to be cleaned. Therefore, it has become one of the most popular shading products in the current market.

Of course, the middle louver can also be used in the middle of the double glass curtain wall.
As shown below, this is Prisma Building in Frankfurt. It has louvers in the middle of the south-facing double-deck glass curtain wall, reflecting the idea of eco-energy conservation from the whole to the details.

Putting the blinds out of the window, also known as the external shade, is to adjust the light intake by adjusting the angle of the blinds. In winter, the shutters will be closed to allow more sunlight to enter the room; in summer, the shutters will be opened to prevent sunlight from entering the room. This method is more effective than inner shading.

Lightweight metal sheet sunshade design is also the most interesting part of architectural modeling. In Europe, the shading system is used as an active element of the building facade. It is called double-deck facade form: one is the facade of the building itself, the other is the facade form of dynamic shading state.

There is an outdoor sunshade called wing louver. It is a large louver installed on the outside facade of a building. It can be installed horizontally, relatively and flat. It is usually installed on the outside facade of a building or on the top of a glass daylighting roof to shield or regulate solar radiation for shading. In Mundanepeace, Australia suburb of Bregenz center, horizontal wing louvers are used to add a line of horizontal rhythm to the facade, which is a perfect combination of shading and architectural design.

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