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Introduction of Aluminum Grid

Aluminum grate, I believe you are very strange to this word, even a little shriveled? So what exactly is an aluminum grille?

Aluminum grate is one of the ceiling materials produced in recent years. The aluminum grille has an open field of vision, ventilation, and breathability. Its lines are bright, neat and clear. It reflects a concise modern style. It is easy to install and disassemble. It has become the main product popular in the decoration market in recent years. The aluminum grille can be divided into the grooved aluminum grille. Grating and plane aluminum grille.

What markets are they used in?
The attempt to make aluminum grilles on the ceiling is now the best!

Aluminum grid ceiling system has good ventilation effect, high fireproof performance, simple installation, exquisite structure, rich layers, wide three-dimensional effect, beautiful appearance after decoration, rich color and durable. The ceiling can be installed with another grid lamp at will, and can be combined with the modeling class to install so that the effect of the scene is more distinctive!

Aluminum grid smallpox has the vertical and horizontal distribution of main and accessory bones, with distinct layers and strong stereoscopic sense. Novel shape, good ventilation effect, widely applicable to large parking lots, airports, subway stations, office buildings, supermarkets, stores, canteens, exhibition halls, dance halls, stadiums, line, subway, exhibition halls, shopping malls, corridor lights open occasions. Special aluminum products can be customized according to customer requirements, such as size, thickness, shape, surface color, etc. can be tailored.

Unusual operation process!

Process flow and operation technology of aluminum grille ceiling

1. Determine the height and use of cartridge bullets on the wall.
2. Fix the suspension bar on the top with an expansion bolt of iron, and fix the light steel keel under the suspension bar to maintain the level (if the span of the grid is not more than 3 meters, no suspension bar is needed).
3. Nail the aluminum corner along the horizontal line with cement nails.
4. Put the aluminum grille on the ground and assemble it completely.
5. Place the assembled grille ceiling on the top of the aluminum horn iron, and tie it directly to the light steel keel with fine wire in the middle.

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