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Installation Technology of Outdoor Iron Bar

01 Construction Conditions

1. Iron Embedded Parts have been completed and accepted. A kind of
2. The finished product of iron art outdoor handrail has passed the acceptance test and meets the design requirements. A kind of
3. There are sufficient water and electricity supply for site construction.

02 Construction preparation

1. Tool preparation: welding machine, welding rod, angle mill, brush, steel tape, cutting machine, horizontal ruler.
2. Material preparation: finished product outdoor handrail that meets the design requirements, paint that meets the design requirements.

03 Construction Technology

1. Grass-roots treatment: Clean up the surface rubbish of the railings and expose the pre-embedded position of the embedded parts.
2. Positioning and elevation control: According to the design requirements, the installation position and elevation of the railings are marked and marked.
3. Fixed welding: Fixed and welded according to the position and elevation mark or fixed with expansion screw.
4. Repairing and smoothing: After welding, inspection should be carried out to smooth the weld and repair the small holes in the joint.
5. Paint treatment: brush two anti-rust paints to primer and one topcoat.

04 Notes

1. Finished product railings should meet the design requirements, and only after the qualified experience can they enter the construction site.
2. If there are grinding points that cannot be treated smoothly and there are small holes in the joint, it should be compacted with atomic ash to prevent rust after water entry. A kind of
3. The joints should be polished smooth and brushed with two anti-rust paints. After the experience, the surfaces should be treated uniformly.
4. Welding should be full and spot welding should not be allowed.
5. Mortar and sundries shall not be applied to the installed guardrails.

05 Quality Requirements

1. The specifications, quality, and shape of the finished balustrade meet the design requirements.
2. The installation position and elevation are correct to meet the design requirements.
3. The connection with the embedded parts is firm, and there is no loosening or fracture.
4. Outdoor handrail height and rail spacing meet the design requirements.
5. Smooth weld, uniform weld and need anti-rust treatment.

06 Acceptance Standard

1. The size, height, spacing and paint color of the railings meet the design requirements.
2. The straight part of the rail is horizontal and vertical, and the curve of the bending part is smooth. A kind of
3. Smooth weld, uniform weld, paint varieties, color and railings consistent. A kind of
4. The welding is firm and free from loosening.

07 Maintenance in the Late Stage

1. Keep the railings clean, away from acid-base or corrosive articles and dust frequently.
2. Ordinary methods such as washing with the organic solution can be used to remove oil from railings.
3. Rust removal in small areas can be cleaned and wiped with organic oil.
4. If the railings are loose, they need to be re-welded. After welding, they need to be polished and rust-proof painted.