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Installation Steps of Steel Floor Integration

Steel floor grating is an open steel component with bearing flat steel and crossbar orthogonally combined according to a certain distance and fixed by welding or pressing lock. The crossbar is generally made of square steel after torsion, round steel or flat steel, and its material is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel. Steel floor grating is mainly used for steel structure platform plate, trench cover plate, steel ladder pedal, building ceiling and so on. Do you know the specific installation method of steel floor integration?

Steel floor integration installation steps:

1. Before installation of steel floor integration, read steel floor integration layout drawings and packing list carefully, then unpacking according to drawings and packing list, avoiding arbitrary unpacking, causing confusion on-site and reducing work efficiency.

2. After carefully reading the drawings, correctly and reasonably unpacking the package, according to the corresponding relationship between the layout or steel floor integration number and the location of the unit on-site, the seating can be matched.

3. Steel floor grating installation clearance: the installation clearance between the steel floor grating board and the board is 5-10 mm so that it can be fine-tuned in the field installation.

Installation classification:

(a) Welding installation
(b) Professional installation clamp fixation
(c) Welding installation
(d) Welding fixing: refers to the steel floor grating can be welded under the supporting steel beam to form a permanent connection without frequent disassembly and movement after installation or under the requirement of permanent fixing.