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Installation Process of Aluminum Grating

1. Construction procedure:

Check the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, inspect the installation of electrical equipment, install the aluminum grating, install vents, and adjust the acceptance.

2. Key points of construction

(1) Surveying and laying out lines. The main is the bullet line and the keel layout line, to check the mechanical and electrical piping and decoration smallpox to meet the design requirements, and make the construction plan.

(2) Installation of derrick. The spacing of the boom installation depends on the arrangement of the keel, the length of the aluminum grating is 600 MM to the main keel, and the length of to the keel is 1000 MM. When the hoisting rod meets the equipment, it cannot be placed on the equipment bracket. The hoisting point should be adjusted or added to ensure the quality of the ceiling.The main method to adjust the structure of the lifting point is to weld the corner steel frame. The derrick should be straight and adequate bearing capacity. When the embedded derrick needs to be extended, it must be welded and welded evenly. The lifting rod and the building structure shall be fixed with the expansion bolt in the plate or beam. Hang the boom on the Angle code, then install the special spring sheet and hook.

(3) Inspection of mechanical and electrical machinery. Check whether the ventilation, fire and electrical wiring of smallpox is installed. Whether the test pressure, heat preservation, anti-corrosion and other work have been completed, and the repair of smallpox has been installed. After the work is completed, the grid installation can be performed.

(4) Installation of grating. According to the supplier construction process map grille to install and install side keel, reinstall the equipment such as lamps and lanterns, and pay attention to leveling grille smallpox.

3. Precautions for the installation of metal aluminum grating

(1) The distance between the center of the main keel should be selected according to different metal ceiling design, the middle part should be the arch, The height of the base of the metal keel should not be less than the l / 200 of the short space to the span, and the position and elevation of the main keel should be corrected in time.The lifting rod is not more than 300 mm from the end of the main keel, otherwise it should be added to avoid the main keel.

(2) The secondary keel should be attached to the main keel, and the joints of the plate must be mounted on a secondary keel that is not less than 40 mm wide.

(3) Edge keel should be according to design request bullet line, fixed on the four sides wall.

(4) Rectify the position and level of the main and secondary keel. Fittings should be dislocated. The docking dislocation deviation of the connecting length of the keel joint shall not exceed the 1 MM. After correction, all the hanging pieces of the keel and fittings are clamped tightly. Check the installation of the ceiling skeleton, it should be firm and reliable.

(5) The equipment, the lamp act should play line open hole, this is directly related to smallpox adornment effect. Automatic spray, smoke detector, air outlet, lamp and other equipment and ceiling surface should be properly connected, the installation should be consistent.

(6) In the inspection of the hole, vent, and the surface of the wall or cylinder, the plate is applied to the edge of the keel seal. In the inspection of the hole part, the two sides of the mouth are covered, the two side keels are applied to the back of the back, the rivets are fixed, and then the size of the reserved mouth is framed.