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Installation Process of Aluminum Grating Ceiling

1. Construction procedures

Measuring and laying out →technical submission →suspender installation →inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment →pipeline installation inspection and repair path installation →installation of aluminum grating → installation of tuyere lamps→ leveling acceptance.

2. Key Construction Points

(1) Measuring and laying out. Mainly the bullet elevation line and keel layout line to check whether the mechanical and electrical pipelines and decorative ceiling meet the design requirements, and formulate the construction plan.

(2) Suspender installation. The installation distance of suspender depends on the arrangement of keel. The distance between aluminum grating ceiling and main keel is 600 MM, and the distance between long keel and suspender is 1000 MM. When the hanger meets the equipment, the hanging point can not be set on the equipment bracket, so the hanging point should be adjusted.
The main method to construct or add suspension culms to ensure the quality of suspension roof and to adjust the structure of suspension points is to weld and burn angle steel frame. The suspender should be straight and have sufficient bearing capacity. When the embedded suspender needs to be joined long, it must be lapped and welded firmly, and the weld seam is even and full. The method of fixing suspenders and building structures is to fix angle codes with expansion bolts on slabs or beams. The suspenders are hung on the angle codes, and special spring sheets and hooks are installed.

(3) Check the mechanical and electrical equipment. Check whether the ventilation, fire protection and electrical wiring on the ceiling have been installed, whether the pressure test, heat preservation, anti-corrosion and other work have been completed, and whether the ceiling maintenance road has been installed. After these works are completed, the grille installation can be carried out.

(4) Grating installation. Button-on installation and installation side keel should be gone on according to the supplier's construction process drawings, and attention should be paid to leveling the grating ceiling.

3. Notices for Installation of metal grating ceiling

1) The spacing of main keel suspension points should be selected according to different metal ceiling designs. The middle part should be arched. The height of metal keel arched should generally be no less than l/200 of the short span in space. The position and elevation of the main keel should be corrected in time after installation. The distance between the suspender and the end of the main keel should not exceed 300 mm. Otherwise, the suspender should be added to prevent the main keel from falling.

2) The secondary keel should be installed close to the main keel. The joint of the plate must be installed on the secondary keel whose width is not less than 40 mm.

3) The side keel should be fixed on the surrounding wall according to the design requirements.

4) The position and level of the main and secondary keels are corrected comprehensively. Connectors should be installed in dislocation. The misalignment deviation at the long-pass keel joint shall not exceed 1mm. After correction, all hangers and connectors of keel should be tightened and clamped. Inspection and installation of the ceiling skeleton should be firm and reliable.