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Installation Details Of Aluminium Grille

(1)Bullet Line

With the level instrument, the horizontal points (if the wall is longer, the middle points should be copied appropriately) can be copied out on each wall (column) corner of the room. The ejection level line (the level line is usually 500 feet from the ground) can be measured from the level line to the ceiling design height. The level line can be ejected along the wall (column) with the powder line, which is the underside line of the ceiling grille. At the same time, according to the ceiling plan, the main keel is ejected from the concrete roof. The main keel should be divided from the center of the ceiling to both sides with a maximum spacing of 1000 feet, and the fixed point of the suspender should be marked. The fixed point spacing of the suspender should be 900 feet to 1000 feet. If the fixed points of beams and pipes are larger than the design and specification requirements, the fixed points of suspenders should be increased.

(2)Fixed hanger rod

The expansion bolt is used to fix the suspension rod. The suspender of 6 can be used. Cold drawn steel bar and disc steel bar can be used for suspender, but Disc steel bar should be straightened mechanically. One end of the boom is welded with the L30*30*3 angle code, (the diameter of the angle code should be determined according to the diameter of the boom and expansion bolt). The other end can be tapped to pull out a screw larger than 100 feet, or can be welded with the finished screw. The made suspender should be rust-proof. The suspender should be fixed on the floor with an expansion bolt and perforated with impact electric hammer. The diameter of the hole should be slightly larger than that of the expansion bolt.

Installation of light steel keel

The light steel keel should be suspended on the suspender (if the ceiling is lower, this procedure can be omitted and the next procedure can be carried out directly). Generally, 38 light steel keels are used with a spacing of 900 to 1000 kgs. The light steel keel shall be installed in parallel with the long direction of the room, and the arch shall be raised at a height of 1/200~1/300 of the span of the room. The cantilever section of light steel keel should not be greater than 300 feet, otherwise, the suspender should be added. The joint length of the main keel should be docked, and the joint of the adjacent keel should be staggered. The light steel keel should be leveled after hanging.

The suspension roof spanning more than 15m should be on the main keel, with a large keel every 15m, and the vertical main keel should be soldered firmly.

Spring blade installation: Connect with light steel keel with suspender (if the ceiling is lower, the spring sheet can be directly installed on the suspender without this procedure), the distance is 900~1000, and then clip the spring sheet on the suspender.

Assembling of the main and accessory bone of aluminum lattice plate

The main and accessory bones of the aluminum grille are prefabricated below according to the requirements of the design drawings.

Installation of Aluminum Lattice Plate

The prefabricated grille ceiling is lifted through the main bone hole with a hook. After connecting the whole grille ceiling, it can be adjusted to the level.

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