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Industry Trench Drain

Trench drain, is used at the places needing to drain away the water. The most common trench drain is made of steel, cause steel trench drain is strong enough. But steel grate needs to be hot-dipped galvanized to used as trench drain, cause untreated steel grate is easy to be corroded. Of course, aluminum grating is also available to be made to trench drain.

Aluminum grating is light and anti-corrosion, aluminum trench drain is easy to be installed. Clips&bolts and welding are all available for installing while using clips&bolts is recommended cause it is easy to be removed and fixed.

Floor steel grating with hot-dipped galvanizing is strong and durable to be trench drain. The galvanizing surface makes it anti-corrosion.

Customers always require a frame for steel trench drain, the bottom of the frame will be buried into the sand and steel grates are connected to the frame by clips. When there is a need to repair and maintain the trench drain, it is easy to remove the steel grates from the frame and check the status.

Aluminum grating