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Improvements of Aluminum Stanchions

Aluminum stanchions is one of HY main products, which is light, elegant, with sorts of types. There are P type, C type, S type, DOSO type, AM type, W type, IG type and so on.

P type aluminum stanchion means platform aluminum stanchion, the base plate is plain. C type is cored aluminum stanchion, with a core near the bottom. S type is side mounted aluminum stanchion, which means the base plate is welded on the side of the handrail. DOSO is similar to P type aluminum stanchion, except that the balls on the DOSO stanchion are one-hole balls. AM aluminum stanchion is an angled stanchion, which means the ball and the plate are parallel with an angle. IG type aluminum stanchion is inground, which is without a plate and the aluminum tube is prolonged and could be inserted to the ground directly.

Aluminum stanchions

Once the balls we made is coming from a tube, so there are two holes and we need to weld to get an one-hole ball. But a while ago we invested the technology and created some new toolings to get an one-hole ball directly. This kind of balls are mainly for DOSO type aluminum stanchion, and made the stanchion more strong and stable.

Another improvement is that we now drill the ball and the tube together after the ball is welded to the tube for AM type aluminum stanchion. This makes the stanchion more firm when installation as there is no space when another stanchion goes through the angled ball.

We are trying our best to improve our aluminum stanchions and other aluminum products. Just to serve our customers better and better. If you have any concerns, just contact us!