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How to Level Metal Perforated Panels

Businessmen who purchase and apply metal perforated panels know that the whole mesh irregularity will occur after any kind of material is processed, but what exactly causes the irregularity, and how to solve it?

1. It is about the material. The degree of deformation of different materials after stamping is different. Stainless steel has the largest degree of deformation and is difficult to leveling. This is for the sake of the steel nature of stainless steel, which has certain toughness, so it is difficult to achieve the same level of leveling after stamping.
2. It is related to aperture and spacing. The smaller the holes are, the closer the spacing is, and the worse the smoothness is. A stamping process of punching needle and stainless steel plate is equivalent to annealing stainless steel plate, so the plate hardens and is not smooth.
3. It is the edge of the sheet that affects the smoothness. The bigger the margin left, the worse the flatness, especially the larger the opening ratio and the larger the aperture, and the bigger the margin left, the worse the leveling.

After the metal perforated panels is processed, it needs to be leveled. In order to make the material smooth, higher leveling pressure is needed. In the process of leveling, great force will be produced, which will affect the machine tool structure and leveling roll. This requires adjusting the optimum supporting structure of the leveling roll. The punching plate passes between the two rows of rollers in the multi-roll leveling machine. Each part of the punching plate bends repeatedly and in the opposite direction under the stress exceeding the material yield point. This eliminates the wavy deformation of the metal perforated panels, and the plate coming out of the machine is flat.