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Galvanized steel grating

Galvanized steel grating, also known as sewer board, features two forms as hot-dip galvanized and bethanized board. Hot-dip galvanized steel grating is divided into hot-dip galvanized and pressure-locked hot-dip galvanized steel grating according to its production technology; It is also classified into tooth-shape hot dip galvanized, flat hot dip galvanized, I-style hot-dip galvanized and compound hot-dip galvanized steel grating.

The advantages of galvanized steel grating:

1.Hot-dip galvanized steel grating( flat steel distance 30mm) is the most common types in industrial applications. It features a strong appearance impact on the series of common hot dip galvanized steel grate. The large truck can pass by the stainless steel grating and hot dip galvanized steel grating whose flat width is 65mm-200mm and thickness is 5mm-20mm. They can be applied to large freight yard, docks, coal mines, roads, bridges, etc., hot dip galvanized steel grating.

2.Galvanized steel grating (flat steel distance 40mm) is the most affordable and easiest categories. It is a good choice in smaller span environment. It is suitable for different occasions, especially walkways, viewing channels and more.

3.Hot dip galvanized steel grating (flat steel distance 60mm, bar 50mm) is used in mining industry , especially on process plants, to solve the problem that mineral spills on the board.

Galvanized steel grating looks beautiful and shinny and last long; hot-dip zinc treatment makes it feature a good corrosion resistance; It also comes with ventilation, lighting, cooling, anti-skid performance and prevent the dirt accumulation. It is commonly used in channels, walkways, trestles, ditch covers, manhole covers, ladders, fences, guardrails and other occasions of petrochemical, power plants, water plants, sewage treatment plants, municipal engineering, sanitation.