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Four Points of Attention in Processing of Metal Perforated Panels

With the continuous development of society, the metal perforated panels industry is constantly improving its performance under the increasing situation, and makes the development of metal perforated panels like the sun, so that the application of metal perforated panels is more extensive. In order to maintain this state, we must not slacken in quality and keep researching in technology so as to make the metal perforated panels develop as before.

Four points should be paid attention to in the processing of metal perforated panels:
1. The hardening characteristics of metal perforated panels near room temperature are greatly affected by temperature, and the formability is greatly affected by temperature and speed. In general, under high temperature and high speed conditions, the value of n decreases and the forming conditions deteriorate. Therefore, the excellent stamping function can be obtained by using the warm processing method which has a great influence on the fineness of temperature.
2. For some perforated panels, stainless steel sheets are often directly used for their surface gloss. In order to avoid surface damage in exterior pressing processing, ethylene coating or smooth disposal of steel sheets are usually used for avoiding surface defects and smoothing.
3. Small heat conduction and large thermal expansion (austenite system), so water-soluble smooth oil with excellent cooling function is selected.
4. High yield strength and tensile strength, high hardening of austenitic stainless steel, easy to rebound and damage to the crosspiece are its advantages, so the humidity, stiffness and wear resistance of the equipment must be excellent. Aluminum bronze (PVD, CVD surface treatment) is generally used.