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Expanded Grating Process and Installation

Aluminum is ductile and with good extensibility, so it can be stretched and expanded. Expanded grating is made from aluminum, aluminum might be the only material to form expanded grating.

After melting and extruding, the aluminum ingot becomes aluminum profile. Different from aluminum grating, the expanded aluminum profile shall be expanded before aging, cause after aging, the aluminum becomes tough which could be broken if expanding.

Due to the good malleability, aluminum could be made to expanded grating. Expanded grating is born to have the knurled surface, no need to serrate it. The knurled surface makes expanded grating sparkling and anti-skip, which is applied to kinds of areas requiring non-slipped. There are 13mm, 22mm, 30mm and 40mm thickness expanded grating, while 13mm and 22mm have the same shape and 30mm has the same shape to 40mm expanded grating. 30mm and 40mm expanded grating are stronger than 13mm and 22mm expanded grating, there are 2 kinds of widths for 30mm and 40mm which are 250mm width and 500mm width.

For installation, the most recommended method is using clips. This method is applied to kinds of walkways or roof tops. Another method is welding like aluminum grating. Other methods as per customers’ requirements are available.

aluminum grating