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Do You Know Anything About Trench Cover?

The trench cover plate is made of steel grille. Many types of trench cover plate can be selected to suit different span loads and requirements. Widely used in municipal roads, garden equipment, residential quarters, campuses, stadium management, and other different places. Depending on the application situation, different types of the trench (well) cover can be hot-dipped, cold galvanized (electroplated) or not treated. Trench cover plate is mainly used in some factories and high-level residential areas. This is mainly because the cement trench cover is often crushed and the road surface is also damaged.

Therefore, the trench cover plate made of steel grille is selected to suit the different load. Since 2000, our country's trench-covered shopping malls have become more widely used in various places such as municipal roads, garden equipment, residential quarters, campuses, stadiums, factory construction and so on. The state's planning requirements for steel grille products have related explanations for steel grille and products of steel grille. Steel lattice plate groove cover is generally composed of fixed frame and movable steel lattice plate groove cover. According to demand, it can be equipped with fastening accessories and anti-theft equipment.

GT-type trench cover: GT-type general side trench, transverse trench steel grid trench cover roadway steel grid trench cover can be divided into side trench cover and transverse trench cover according to the direction of traffic. The bearing flat steel and the driving direction are straight to form a side groove cover, and the bearing flat steel and the driving direction are parallel to form a transverse groove cover. GU-shaped trench cover: GU-shaped trench steel lattice trench cover for most general concrete masonry trenches without edges, the selection of U-shaped trench cover is very simple, economical, and does not require special trench edges.

Beautiful appearance, simple lines, silver surface, modern trend, the best drainage: water leakage area of 83.3%, more than twice as much as cast iron. Hot-dip was galvanizing: strong rust resistance, no protection, and replacement. Anti-theft planning: Hinge connection between cover and frame, anti-theft, safety, open and convenient. Save investment: Large span, heavy load, lower than cast iron price and save the cost of stolen or crushed replacement. High Strength: Strength and endurance are much higher than cast iron. It can be used in large-span and heavy load environment such as wharf, airport, etc. Standards: Satisfied with different environments, loads, spans, scales and shapes. The product has the advantages of simple construction, lightweight, good load-bearing, impact resistance, bending rather than bending, large drainage, beautiful operation after hot-dipping zinc treatment, anti-corrosion, and the like of cast iron cover plate. Choose a hinge joint or hook connection method, which is easy to open and has an anti-theft function.

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