HY Industry Corporation Limited

Dining table of Aluminum Grating

HY is developing a new market segment, which is the furniture. We have been making preparation for this for long. In fact, aluminum grating and aluminum screen are always being involved in the civil area e.g. indoor screen, louver window etc.

Now HY is using swaged aluminum grating and I bar grating and T bar grating and others to be indoor furniture, such as dining table, tea table, TV stand and so on.

Dining table is made up of swaged aluminum grating and T bar grating.  Different sizes of swaged aluminum grating exist as the support beam of dining table, while T bar grating is as the table top. Why do we make T bar grating being as the desktop? That’s because T bar grating could be produced with narrow spacing and its special flanges makes it comfortable when people put their arms on it. Another option is having a glass desktop on the T bar grating desktop if you don’t like the stype of T bar desktop.

Swaging process makes the dining table firmed and durable, and it can be installed or uninstalled for many times without damage.
If you are looking for a new style, a simple but smart style, just come to us!