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Difference Between Aluminum Railings and Other Material Railings

1. Simple structure, light weight

Aluminum railing structure is disassembled, no welding and surface mounting screws, but the connection is very compact, loose behavior seldom occur, convenient packaging, transport, and very easy to install. Aluminum weight only one-third of iron, steel, copper or bronze , aluminum alloy products is lightweight and easy to process, transport and very economic.

2. High strength, high flexibility, high resistance to corrosion

Compared with other traditional materials, aluminum can not only resist greater tension and momentum, also has good flexibility. And anodizing of aluminum alloy surface treatment technology makes the railings higher resistance to corrosion.

3. The grade and beauty

Aluminum surface anodizing in accordance with industry standard processing, natural metal gloss after sanding, spray can be made into anything we want.

4. safe performance

Aluminum railings with high strength aluminum alloy as raw materials, after heat treatment process, greatly increasing the tensile and comprehensive properties.

5. Color variety

Rails can match multiple colors, greatly enhancing the appearance of visual effects. Personalized color selection makes aluminum railings to mix freely according to furnishing requirements to meet individual needs and also environment friendly.

6. Environment Friendly

With growing problem of furniture materials today, HY industry guarantee that the raw materials used is absolutely in line with international quality, production processes in line with international standards, absolute safety and environmental protection. The produced aluminum railings is safe and environment-friendly.