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Characteristics and Advantages of Aluminum Stair Treads

Four characteristics of aluminum stairs treads!

Aluminum stairs with exceptional materials, long service life, easy to clean, strong corrosion resistance and its application range is very wide, such as power plants, water plants, chemical plants, and aisles, theaters, visiting walkway platform, ground platform, car parks and other large venues. And aluminum stairs has four main features:

aluminum stairs treads

1. Installation easy and convenient, saving both time and labor, does not require complicated installation.

2. Material high strength, light-structure and durable.

3. Ventilation, lighting, cooling, explosion-proof, non-slip performance.

4. Maintenance is very simple, dirt-proof.

HY aluminum stairs

Aluminum stair tread advantages?

Three advantages to introduce:

1. Using high strength aluminum alloy materials, both strength and performance are very close to the steel or even better, cheaper for transport and relatively light weight.

2. High corrosion resistance, when using steel treads, you'll find potholes and discoloration of the place in a while, this is because some more strong corrosive materials for corrosion, such as the most common form of chloride ions. While aluminum stair tread would not be the case.

3. Low cost, which is the common issue concerned, as opposed to steel materials, aluminum alloy for low density, light weight advantage is relatively low in price.