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What is the Ceiling Material of Aluminum Grating?

The ceiling of aluminum grating is a kind of hollow combination of smallpox, and the installation on the back of the board will not affect the visual effect of grating. It is suitable for some large shopping malls, airports, subway stations and other public environment. So, which kind of grating ceiling material  is good? Is common aluminum grating ceiling good? We get to know below.

Introduction of grating ceiling

The roof structure of grating ceiling is divided into the grating main bone and the accessory bone, all of which are the characteristic metal hollow half, which has the shape of u and v. The main bone and the accessory bone cross over the unit into an open decorative ceiling, whose length specification is mainly 1800 mm/1950 mm/ 2000 mm, etc. The material can be divided into H1100, H3003 and H5005. The roof of grating ceiling has good ventilation, high fireproof performance, simple installation, fine structure, rich level, generous appearance and durability. We can also install the decorative collocation of grille lamp, tube lamp, it also can be installed with the sectional plate combination, so as to achieve characteristic space effect.

aluminum grating 1

Impression drawing of aluminum grating ceiling

Among the common materials in the ceiling of grating ceiling, the better material is aluminum grating ceiling. Aluminum grating ceiling is divided into special-shaped grating ceiling and grating ceiling series. The art effect of shaped grating is obvious, fashionable feeling is strong, the material is light, the appearance is concise. Aluminum grating material ceiling can be divided into a combination, the installation does not need to be connected;

aluminum grating 2