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Bookshelf of Aluminum Grating

Most of bookshelves in the market is made of wood, which is beautiful and smart, but making wooden bookshelves needs to cut down trees which destroys the environment.
Aluminum is one of the most abundant materials in the earth, using aluminum to make furniture can reduce the waste of wood and protect the environment.
Aluminum grating is swaged, no welding, without formaldehyde and pollution, providing a safe and healthy environment to people.

Aluminum grating bookshelf is made of only two types grating, combining them together. There are 15 units L630mmxW276mm of SA31.75x4.76/30/100 aluminum grating and 12 units L320mmxW276mm of SA31.75x4.76/30/100 aluminum grating in total for a full set of bookshelf which includes 3 groups, and you can choose only one group for a small-sized space. It is installed by bolts and screws, while we are still designing simpler fitting fastenings.

The style of aluminum grating makes the bookshelf unique and elegant, provides an aircurrent environment to the items. The color of silvery makes it integrated into the house.
Aluminum grating bookshelf is light and easy for carrying and installing, it has a long service life, with no pollution. It can be installed and uninstalled by many times without damage which also save you money.

With all the benefits of aluminum grating bookshelf, we believe aluminum grating would be the star in the industry of house decoration in the future.

Bookshelf of aluminum grating