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Aluminum stand

Aluminum stand included aluminum grating, aluminum louver, aluminum stanchions, aluminum perforated panel.

Last year HY designed and manufactured an aluminum stand for customers, this stand is including swaged aluminum grating, aluminum stanchions and aluminum perforated panels. It is used for display in an exhibition or usual visit.

We once displayed this stand in the Shanghai International Aluminum Industry Exhibition which attracted tons of customers, we also invited some dancers dancing on the stand.

This year we designed a new aluminum stand, which includes of swaged aluminum grating, swaged aluminum louver, aluminum stair tread, aluminum stanchions, aluminum perforated panels, and this stand is smaller and more beautiful than before. At the bottom, there is a aluminum stair tread, two aluminum stanchions were welded on the stair tread. Swaged aluminum louver and perf-design were welded between the two stanchions and on the top of the perf-design, it is a aluminum perforated plate.

This aluminum stand is almost including most of HY aluminum products, except for aluminum expanded grating, aluminum fins, and other types of aluminum grating.

For the perforated plates, or perf-design, we accept all kinds of shapes, even kinds of images. This kind of aluminum stand is required by many of our customers. We are also improving our design, hoping to design a more beautiful stand for customers. If you have any opinions, just contact us!

Aluminum stand