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Aluminum Railing, Stair Handrails

Aluminum railing and architectural aluminum handrails features:

1. light: it weighs only one-third of iron, steel, copper, several times but is their hardness, light weight aluminum guardrail, not only easy to handle, transport is less expensive and is now a popular commercial building materials.

2. Hard: aluminum profile of hardness can against pull and larger of impact, its against capacity more other traditional building materials for better.

3. Resistance corrosion sex: aluminum railings of surface tightly of attached has a layer hard of aluminum oxidation film, again after paint or anode oxidation, surface processing, can further strengthening its protection performance, so has very strong of make corrosion sex, so regardless of in air pollution of city or sea salt corrosion of coast area, are can relief using, for you solution maintenance of worries.

Aluminum railing

4. Fine smooth surface: unique advantages of aluminum surface finish that can be applied to a variety of different technologies, more common types of paint, powder coating, anodizing and electrophoresis. Most smooth surfaces of Defense UV powder coating, without regular maintenance can keep bright luster, powder coating that is durable, and a variety of colors to choose from.

5. Safety: HY use high strength aluminum alloy, T15 heat, and carefully designed, no drilling, welding, solder on the surface, great overall strength.

6, overall appearance: appearance of the linear, soft tones, to coordinate the surrounding landscape, combining the modern urban space and natural environment.

7, practical: special craft processing, permanent protection film is formed, smooth, never rust, easy to clean, does not need maintenance.

8, comfort: splendid sights, providing you with a comfortable, secure platform

Aluminum railings for stairs, made of aluminum alloy material, by domestic and international professionals favor, compared to stainless steel and iron products, solved the , rust, defects such as colors, is now the stage, high-grade, community building of choice.