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Aluminum Grills General Knowledge

With the rise of modern office buildings, aluminum grill is applied everywhere, the reason why the development of this new material so fast, that it has a lot of characteristics and advantages while the other materials do not have.

Primary and secondary aluminum grills keel vertical and horizontal distribution, structured, three-dimensional sense , novel , fire temperature, good ventilation , and low cost, short processing cycle, a small processing difficulty , size and diverse, good flatness profiles , installation loss. There are many uses, such as air-conditioning outlet, exhaust port , down stage, lighting and other aspects of the application , widely used in shopping malls , bars , waiting rooms , airports, subway stations, and generous appearance, look as new .

aluminum grill

This plate conventionally used for outdoor decoration , recently commonly used for indoor, the effect is also very good. Its many varieties, board design imitation metal , imitation granite, marble imitation , and complete a variety of colors. Aluminum grill decking for the ceiling, so that the whole hall look more magnificent, more three-dimensional. Ceiling rich colors, combined with the light source arrangement, changes in a variety of layout, enabling the designer decor have ample room to play artistic conception , more personality . As will be hidden in the light scattering out grille, the light is very soft, avoid direct glare lighting and light loss is very small; If the light source being embedded in the grille , make the whole space rich shading changes , more optimized lighting, highlighting the effect of demand. Such hall ceiling and wall decoration effect floor seamless, so that the entire renovation is more ideal.