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Aluminum grills Characteristics and Application

Aluminum grills in recent years is one type of new decking, is open through combo decking. Unit body and body composition through its ceiling decoration in the form of a specific shape means that the building interior ceiling finishes both cover and transparent grill vertical , horizontal and diagonal line and unify with the lighting arrangement consideration, increasing the overall ceiling of art effect, which has the following characteristics:

1. Is open through spatial , conducive to ventilation and fire sprinkler layout and arrangement without affecting the overall visual effect ;

2. Using high-quality aluminum plate , with bright frame system with decoration ;

3. Uniform color , use indoors, 10 -year warranty can be the same color ;

4. Reliable connection , each ceiling grille can be repeated dis-assembly, easy maintenance ;

5. Easy to mix a variety of lamps and apparatus can down-lights, fluorescent match , according to the actual need for assembly , can play a good effect ;

6. A high degree of consistency , neat, clean and spacious giving , not boring , not stiff .

Its application scope is mainly the large shopping malls, large exhibition halls, museums, stadiums, leisure clubs, airports, office buildings and other places been widely used.

Aluminum grills