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Aluminum and steel

Aluminum is one of the most abundant materials in the world, it is with good strength and ductility which makes loved by people.

Mr Roberto Forcella, Commercial and Marketing Director of Lucchini RS SpA, President of Lucchini Tool Steel, and a Board member of Lucchini Beijing, Lucchini Poland, Lucchini Sweden, Lucchini India once said: Aluminum is substituting a lot of steel components. And this is the reason why the market is growing so fast. It shows that more and more people prefer aluminum products rather than steel products.

In the past, steel grating is used as stair tread, catwalk, drainage cover, platform etc. While nowadays aluminum grating is more and more widely used in these areas. Aluminum grating might be not as that strong as steel grating, it's lighter and easier for transportation and installation than steel grating, and it’s bearing capacity is just enough for most of the projects.

Aluminum grating and aluminum louver from HY Industry are usually exported to the world. But in this year, we are exploring domestic markets. We design and manufacture furniture with aluminum grating, and we also cooperate with kinds of designing institute to provide designing with aluminum grating and expanded grating and other aluminum products.

Aluminum and steel