HY Industry Corporation Limited

Aluminum and Steel Stanchions

HY provide aluminum and steel stanchions and handrails, HY stanchions is made up of aluminum pipes and balls which is welded to the pipes.

Aluminum and steel handrails could be applied to a safety walkway, rooftop safe access, platform, stairs etc. Aluminum stanchions is lighter than steel stanchions, while steel stanchions is stronger than aluminum stanchions.

Steel stanchions is usually used outdoor as roof stanchions, stair handrails, walkway handrails, safety stanchions and so on. Galvanized handrails is more popular than stainless steel handrails. Aluminum stanchions could be used outdoor and indoor, like aluminum balcony railing.

Different colors for aluminum stanchions are available, it is pretty beautiful after powder coating. HY is usually adopting AkzuNobel powder as it's of good quality.

Aluminum and steel stanchions is often used together with aluminum or steel stair tread as an access. There are many types for stanchions, such as P type, S type, W type, SO type, AM type.

AM type stanchions is with an angled balls which means the hole on the ball has a degree. In order to keep the accuracy and elegance of AM type aluminum and steel stanchions, HY is drilling the angle hole of the ball and pipe after welding the ball to the pipe. This ensures the angle is accurate and when other handrails are to be put through this angle hole and keep it firmed after installation.

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