HY Industry Corporation Limited

Advantages of Aluminum Railings

Aluminum railings and stair handrails are produced in order to prevent persons or things  from accidentally falling from a height and protect the users or the safety of the residents. Now high-rise housing built, developers and residents would be taken into account at the balcony equipped with railings and handrails. As people’s strengthened protection awareness, aluminum railings demand is increasing. Therefore, the current railings and handrails manufacturers have sprung up in the market. There are a lot of railings and handrails on the market, why do so many people like to use aluminum railings or any special? Here, HY, one of the professional aluminum railings manufacturers introduce below the advantages of aluminum railings and stair handrails:

Firstly, exquisite and attractive in appearance:

the new aluminum railing products to meet the diverse needs of customers.  It has a strong metallic texture, color soft and beautiful, easy to wash, reflects an elegant, simple and modern style.

Secondly, high safety:

New aluminum railings with aluminum alloy toughness.

Thirdly, strong anti-corrosion:

The biggest advantage of aluminum railings is strong anti-corrosion, and on-site assembly, plug-in uses high-strength steel bolts. Nodes without welding, without destroying the material appearance of anti-corrosion treatment,coupled with Akzo coatings protection in surface, preservation time more than 50 years, which makes the product acid & corrosion-resistant and long service life.

Forth, low cost and cheap aluminum railings:

Although the market price of aluminum higher than steel, but the proportion of aluminum alloy lower than that of steel, coupled with railing production cost less than steel. Thus, aluminum railings cost slightly less than a steel guardrail.