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  • Square Aluminum Grate FlooringSquare Aluminum Grate FlooringDecember 22, 2017In recent years square aluminum grate flooring has been a popular aluminum grille product with an open field of vision, ventilation, breathable, crisp lines, structured features. Moreover, its metal m...view
  • Galvanized steel gratingGalvanized steel gratingDecember 21, 2017Galvanized steel grating, also known as sewer board, features two forms as hot-dip galvanized and bethanized board. Hot-dip galvanized steel grating is divided into hot-dip galvanized and pressure-loc...view
  • Analysis of the Defects of Electrolytic Shading Process on Aluminum Profile SurfaceAnalysis of the Defects of Electrolytic Shading Process on Aluminum Profile SurfaceOctober 29, 2017At present, the application of single anodized aluminum alloy building profiles has been significantly reduced in practice. In addition, it is widely used in electrolytic tinting oxide film, organic c...view
  • Installation Process of Aluminum GratingInstallation Process of Aluminum GratingOctober 28, 20171. Construction procedure: Check the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, inspect the installation of electrical equipment, install the aluminum grating, install vents, and adjust the ...view
  • The Square Calculation Methods of the Price of Aluminum Grating?The Square Calculation Methods of the Price of Aluminum Grating?October 27, 2017From the point of view of the aluminum grating manufacturer, the aluminum grating is based on the number of counts, each of which is about 1950 and 2000. The details are as follows:Grid width used in ...view
  • What is the Ceiling Material of Aluminum Grating?What is the Ceiling Material of Aluminum Grating?October 26, 2017The ceiling of aluminum grating is a kind of hollow combination of smallpox, and the installation on the back of the board will not affect the visual effect of grating. It is suitable for some large s...view
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Aluminum Grating CeilingThe Advantages and Disadvantages of the Aluminum Grating CeilingOctober 25, 2017The difference between the top of high quality aluminum grating and the top of inferior aluminum grating, from the quality of the base material, the size of the aluminum grille manufacturer, the proce...view
  • Aluminum GratingAluminum GratingOctober 24, 2017Aluminum grating is one of the ceiling materials produced in recent years. Aluminum grating has an open vision, ventilation, air permeability and excellent performance. Its line is bright and neat, th...view
  • Why steel will be replaced by aluminumWhy steel will be replaced by aluminumOctober 18, 2017Years ago, steel grating is most popular in kinds of projects abroad, applied in walkways, platforms, catwalk, stairs, drainage etc. While in recent years, aluminum grating are gradually replace of st...view
  • Aluminum and steelAluminum and steelSeptember 26, 2017Aluminum is one of the most abundant materials in the world, it is with good strength and ductility which makes loved by people.Mr Roberto Forcella, Commercial and Marketing Director of Lucchini RS Sp...view
  • Tea TableTea TableSeptember 20, 2017HY tea table is made up of 5 units of 31.75x4.76 swaged aluminum grating with one table top, two support plates and two legs. The table top is covered by a piece of glass for things placed. The swagin...view
  • Dining TableDining TableSeptember 19, 2017With the trademark of “SWAGE”, HY is exploring furniture for household or office or other place. HY dining table is made up of 12pcs swaged aluminum grating in total, included of 4 table legs, 4 sm...view
  • Bookshelf of Aluminum GratingBookshelf of Aluminum GratingSeptember 13, 2017Most of bookshelves in the market is made of wood, which is beautiful and smart, but making wooden bookshelves needs to cut down trees which destroys the environment. Aluminum is one of the most abund...view
  • Aluminum Grating FurnitureAluminum Grating FurnitureSeptember 12, 2017For the past few years, HY is exporting swaged aluminum grating and aluminum louver to all over the world, applied in kinds of building facades, traffic projects, construction decoration etc. Our prod...view
  • Rising Cost of MaterialsRising Cost of MaterialsSeptember 8, 2017As kinds of reasons, pricing of materials, no matter steel materials or aluminum materials, are rising rapidly. This leads to the shrinking profit which added much pressure to us. To keep a long and s...view