HY Industry Corporation Limited

The Grade of Aluminum and steel products

HY Swaged aluminum grating and aluminum louver and expanded grating is usually using 6063 material to fabricate, which is with high machinability and strong corrosion resistance. Besides of Al, Mg and Si is the most element for Aluminum 6063, it has some features as below:

It is with heat treatment strength, high impact toughness, and not sensible with the gap.

b.It has good pyroplasticity, which could be swaged to kinds of complex, hollow extrusions, or forged to complicated pieces.

c.With the good welding performance and corrosion resistance, Al-Mg-Si alloy is the only one which didn’t craze confronting with high stress corrosion.

It is very smooth after processing, and easy to be anodized and painted.

6061 is also commonly adopted for aluminum grating, which has a better intensity than 6063.

We could also use other material, like 6082, according to customers’ requirements.

For steel grating and stanchion, the Q235 is usually accepted by customers, we could also use Q275, Q345 etc, which have a higher yield strength.

Other materials could be used for our products, depending on customers’ needs.