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T-bar Grating

HY T bar Grating is similar to I bar grating, with the same process of swaging. T bar grating is named as its T type flat bar, is combined T type flat bar with cross bar.

t bar grating

T type flat bar is born with flanges, which makes it anti slip. There are 40*20*3 and 40*28*3 types at present, and more types are being increased. Spacing of 30/100, 40/100, 50/100, 30/50 etc same as swaged aluminum grating are available for T Bar grating.

T bar grating is elegant and its flanges make it anti slip, also it’s comfortable. And as the wide top surface of the T type flat bar, T bar grating can be with narrow gap on surface. This character makes it not only applied to some flooring, stair treads, walkway, platform, drainage cover, but also used as desktop.

T bar grating desktop is simple but smart, pretty with the flanged surface and bright with the anodized surface treatment. Surely you can choose other treatment like powder coating, which you can have different colors you like to match the style of the room.

T bar grating could also be used as trench cover, it's easy to be assembled and unassembled. Shanghai Zizhu Group order our T bar grating for this application several months ago. It makes the ground clean and elegant.

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bar grating application