HY Industry Corporation Limited

Swaged Aluminum Grating

Swaged aluminum gratings are widely used in a large range of industrial & commercial area.HY aluminum gratings can be divided into six types according to difference appearances.They are regular swaged grating (plain type, serrated type), I-bar aluminum grating, T-bar aluminum grating,Dovetail type aluminum grating, press lock type aluminum grating. And the SA Series rectangular bar type is the most widely used aluminum swaged grating normally with rectangular bearing bar and smooth clean surface.

The serrated bar grating is also assmbled by permanently attaching cross bars to bearing bars through a swaging process.The difference to rectangular bar grating is an unique antislip surface design.Serrated bar grating has a rough serrated surface with high slip resistance.

Compared to other grating products in HY, the aluminum presslocked grating is very unique because of its neat and modern surface with many characters like no weld, connection Solid, light weight, high strength, low energy, strong corrosion resistance, etc.It is assembled by permanently attaching cross bar to bearing bars through a high hydraulic pressure process in one certain pitch .

HY offers a variety of spacings including those that conform to the "Americans with Disabilities Act".Usually the bearing bar pitch are 30mm/40mm/50mm/60m and multiples,the cross bar pitch are 50mm/100mm and multiples. There are many different kinds of surface treatments for this aluminum grating such as mill finish,clear anodize and powder coated.