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Steel Grating-power Plant Building Channel Shelf of Steel Grating

Steel grating is a bearing in a certain space and bar (twisted square steel, twist steel, flat steel, and so on) are staggered orthogonal composite soldering or compression lock fixed, welded into the middle with a square lattice steel, cut, cuts, holes, hemming processes deep processing products made to customer requirements. Mainly used for steel structure platform, steel treads and a variety of ditch cover plate, and so on. According to different production methods can be divided into two kinds, one is a pressure welding of steel grating, made of flat steel and Rails made by pressure resistance welding, and the other is locked using latitude and longitude are flat steel made of steel grating. Finished steel plates by hot-dip galvanizing process in General can play a role in preventing oxidation. Can also be made of stainless steel production. Administered under the same amount of steel and accordingly reduce the support structure of the material. Save money, simplify the installation process. No accumulation of rain, snow and dust, from cleaning and maintenance-free. Many projects have very widely used in the country.

Steel gratings

Steel grating selection should take fully into account the different environments, different cost factors of bearing capacity and cost.

Applications: widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machinery, harvesters, dry cleaning machine, Ironing table, silencing equipment, refrigeration equipment (central air conditioning) speakers, crafts, paper making, hydraulic accessories, filtration equipment and other industries.

Material: low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum-magnesium alloy, copper, nickel plate

Origin: Shandong

Specifications: 660*2440, 550mm*2000

Use: decoration, architecture, multiple uses

Thickness (mm): 1.0

NET Hole width(mm): can be customized according to customer requirements

NET hole length(mm): can be customized according to customer requirements

Pass: round, square, hexagonal, oval

Brand: HY industry