HY Industry Corporation Limited

Stair Tread

Stair tread from HY is made from grating, widely used for different types of aluminum or steel ladders, featuring easy installation, strong structure and aesthetic appearance and good water permeability. Aluminum stair treads and steel stair tread are both available, it is usually used in outdoor metal stairs and platform ladders. You can choose bolts for installing, or weld it to the platform. You can have the stair tread with no nosing or with checkered plate nosing, vertical striped plate nosing, or vertical perforated plate nosing.

Stair tread

For surface treatment, aluminum grating or aluminum stair tread is usually adopting anodising or coating, while hot-dipped galvanising is generally adopted for steel grating or steel stair tread.  Steel stair tread is used more in industrial stairs than aluminum stair tread cause steel stair tread is stronger than aluminum stair tread.

aluminum grating