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Plank Grating

Might caused by the government control in factories, the cost of materials are increasing seriously.

Price of aluminum material is going up and down regularly, while that of steel material is rising rapidly. And some kind of steel material is not that easy to buy. HY has been under extreme pressure, we are trying to provide our customers with best quality and also best price.

At the same time, HY is improving our technology and developing more effective process.

Besides of aluminum and steel grating, expanded grating, stair tread and aluminum&steel stanchions, perforated plate, HY is now developing plank grating, which has serrated opening like crocodile mouth. Its opening is by cutting and perforating, the serrated teeth make plank grating anti slip. Different sizes of width are available according to your needs, there are different number of openings for different sizes.

Plank grating could be made by aluminum or steel, while steel planking is stronger and heavier than aluminum planking. HY is now making a special effort to investigate and develop aluminum planking.
Planking is widely used in kinds of platform, walkway, stair steps and so on, it’s strong, smart, anti skid, loved by many people.

Plank Grating