HY Industry Corporation Limited


For swaged aluminum grating, HY adopts steel pallets under the products, and all the panels are packed with plastic film, between the panels there are some hard papers to prevent the hurts of rubs during the transportation. Some little wooden pallets will be placed in it. The steel pallet is strong to support more than 2tons of products, the wheels will be equipped as per customers’ requirements.

For swaged aluminum louver, packing method is similar to that of swaged aluminum grating. We will have two panels of aluminum louver locked in order not to be deformed by pressure.

swaged aluminum grating,

For steel grating, steel pallet is available under the products. And plastic film is packed outside the products.

For expanded grating, we used to adopt the same packing method to that of swaged aluminum grating. But now, considering of the labor cost in Australia, and the good wear resistance of walkway grating, we only take steel pallet at the bottom of products and plastic film outside the products. It could be maintained at a good status after long time of transportation in sea.

The packing method is not changeless, we could pack the products as per customers’ requirements.