HY Industry Corporation Limited

Meeting in Factory

At the end of last night, two of our customers in Australia and New Zealand came to China and visited our factory in Wuxi. They are from the same company while one is from the branch company in New Zealand. They keep importing aluminum expanded grating, swaged aluminum grating, aluminum stanchions and other spare parts from us. When they were in our factory, the aluminum walkway gratings were being manufactured, all the process were run successful and the customer were pretty satisfied with it. The customer from the branch company in New Zealand have just started to import the aluminum expanded grating from us, and after this meeting, we will build a stronger business relationship.

expanded grating

The main products they are importing are 13mm expanded grating, 22mm expanded grating, 30mm and 40mm expanded grating, expanded profiles, aluminum stanchions and aluminum clips and other parts. Besides of aluminum walkway grating, they are also importing swaged aluminum grating, other aluminum profiles. And we will also expand our business to the branch in New Zealand, after this meeting, the branch in New Zealand will import more kinds of products from us,including swaged aluminum grating, aluminum stanchions and other parts their headquarters are importing.