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Installation of FRP grating

Before laying, according to different specifications of FRP grating, hosts and properties are different, then according to the actual needs of purchasing the right kind of FRP grating to begin construction of the installation.

1. Before laying and installation, prepare well of the drainage, drainage piping reinforced earlier, drain external width should not exceed 5% of FRP grating , the inner width should be less than 10%. The wider the inner mouth, the harder to load for the FRP grating, but if smaller, the capacity of drainage drops, so be sure to control the proportion.

2. Drainage finished installation, officially laid FRP grating, tiled grid in accordance with the requirements, drain grilles on around, and drains out to the distance equal, later even by force.

3. Fixed-glass fiber reinforced plastic grills, fill gaps around 705 glass glue, glue to dry after 302 cement glue to cover gaps.

4. Post-processing, after laying out checks laying in place, load testing, to guarantee perfect project.

FRP Gratings

How to control the quality of FRP Gratings

There are mainly three points to pay attention:

1. appearance

Good quality FRP grating surface with no obvious cracks, pores and rarely, sun exposure, transparency of the FRP grating is also very good, and the colors are bright and pure, and poor-quality FRP grating surface, whether in color or gloss is not very good.

2. flame retardant, water absorption test

FRP grating raw materials – glass fiber yarn not only high strength, stable performance, and does not absorb water, fire does not burn characteristics, and poor quality FRP grating products is definitely not doing good with this test. So at the time of purchase can test the flame retardant and water absorption.

3. the use of effect

There may be some good FRP grating manufacturers to produce poor-quality FRP gratings escaped the above three tests, but it certainly hides the actual application. High quality FRP gratings in the life of 30-50 years, and used in the process hardly needs any maintenance costs, but poor-quality FRP grating products stand the test of time, using inferior FRP grating products in a few years there is corrosion, breakage, color degradation phenomena.