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HY Aluminum Louvers Features

HY architectural swaged aluminum louver are popular.

Because of its convenient processing and high efficient producing aluminum louvers, HY Industry develop new style of sunscreens, which are widely applied in building by more worldwide countries.

Product features

1. Three-sided extrusion design: aluminum shutters on three sides by means of the surface design, effective against ultraviolet harassment.

2. Exquisite choice of materials

White profiles used with the patented technology of high anti-UV co-extrusion technology, can make the product durable bright as new.

3. Wide louver hole margin design: good ventilation, air conditioner outdoor unit cooling fast shutters easy deformation.

4. Louver blinds high strength: the blade thick, the intensity is high, is not easy to deformation. Products through the experiments, which shows that the strength is far greater than the ordinary products.

5. High rate of windows: aluminum louver design simplicity, high rate of overall windows.

6. Making easier the shutter: HY offers aluminum louvers with mill hole, and the product can be welded and bolted.

7. Rich colors: providing colorful products to meet the needs of different exterior.

architectural swaged aluminum louver