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How to decorate the external sunscreen

To design the external sunscreen and sun louver blinds, there are several rules and principals to follow. On the design of exterior Venetian blinds have:

Sun louvers

Sun louvers

1. External louvers should not be arranged at the hotel's main facade;

2. External sunscreen blinds that requires weather-proof louver, and insect-proof screens;

3. Sun louvers from outdoor ground height should be of not less than 2.0M, and should be on the upwind side of the ventilation louvers, and lower than the ventilation louvers, horizontal distance of not less than 10m;

4. Double blower air handlers need to be calculated according to transition season with all fresh air shutter and ventilation louvers area;

5. Ventilation efficiency of external sunscreen is calculated according to 50%;

6. External aluminum louvers for ventilation of smoke, the surface wind rate: recommended 4m/s, maximum of 6m/s;

7. Exterior louvers for ventilation: recommended 3m/s, maximum of 4m/s;

8. Fresh air/air shutter for exterior wall surface wind speed: recommended 2m/s, maximum of 3M/s;

What’s more, according to elevation effects needs, part of the louvers area may exceed ventilation area required,  for the excess part shall take effective sealing (weather-proof, heat insulation).

External wall louvers