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Good quality and bad quality aluminum grating

Aluminum grating is one of the latest ceiling materials in recent years, aluminum grills with open horizons, ventilation, air permeability , its crisp lines and neat, structured , reflects the modern simple and clear style, easy installation and removal, becoming the main product in the decoration market.

The difference between high and low-quality aluminum grills, from the substrate good or bad , aluminum grills manufacturers scale, processing crafts, painting technology, etc. , they have a huge difference. Good aluminum grating plate is determined by its overall performance, including aluminum grills ceiling thickness and so on .

First: Sheet

High quality aluminum grating plate contains high aluminum content, high sheet stiffness and hardness , and has a positive flexibility, toughness , to Class A fireproof.

Low-grade aluminum sheet aluminum content low, and even recycled aluminum sheet, poor soft toughness. In order to ensure the strength , the plates have to be thick.

aluminum sheet

Second: Paint

High quality coatings characterized in strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and alkali powder, anti-UV , color and delicate, the sensitivity is good.

Poor quality paint are bad powder residue or cheap quality paint, poor adhesion, corrosion intolerance have poor sensitivity, color and rough defects.

Third: the appearance of the process

The appearance of high-quality aluminum grill treatment process , are using advanced roller, spray coating technology, processed plate surface smooth and delicate, gloss, good color, not falling , uniform thickness and difficult to change.

Poor quality aluminum grill appearance treatment process, is the use of bread baking furnace, the substrate uneven, uneven thickness, rough appearance, easy to flake off, 3-6 months will change color powder, quality can not be guaranteed.