HY Industry Corporation Limited

Display Frame

Last month, we just fabricated a display frame for customers, made of aluminum grating and aluminum stanchions, and also some perforated panels. Kinds of aluminum grating are included in this stand, like 325/30/100, 403/30/100, 255/40/100 and so on. It also includes aluminum stair tread. The aluminum stanchions are joint to the frame with bolts, which is easy to be installed and to be uninstalled.

From extrusions, to aluminum grating, aluminum stair tread, aluminum stanchions, all these components are manufactured by ourselves. And it is designed by our own engineers. This stand is for customers to display in the exhibitions and other places. It shows the trust between our customers and us, customers have confidence on us. People can see the strength and power that HY has. We have the ability and technology to design and manufacture.

aluminum stair tread

Earlier in 2015, in the Shanghai Aluminum Industry Exhibition, we also made a display stand similar to this one. Some beautiful girls sang and danced on that stand which attracted so many customers to us and they were so amazed at our products. Our products are strong and with good quality, which deserves everyone’s trust.