HY Industry Corporation Limited

Delay of Shipment

Last month, we just sent out a 20’GP container of steel grating, which is transported to Australia. We keep exporting our steel and aluminum grating to the globe, specially to Australia. Unfortunately, as the dense fog, the ship didn’t sail to Qingdao Port, so we missed the ship and changed to another ship. But which is sad, the heavy rain also stopped the ship and it was delayed about 10 days.

The delay influences our customer, but we have no ways to solve, as our customer said: the weather is something we cannot control, as much as we wish we could. Customers are kind which also shows the good relationship between us.

Fortunately, it set out last night. There is a typhoon in the north of China, which caused much damage and loss, including loss of life. We could only hope the disaster could pass soon.

Steel grating from HY is popular in the world, just come to us.

steel grating