HY Industry Corporation Limited

Best Aluminum Grating Manufacturers

HY Industry, as the first factory to manufacture aluminum grating, is generally known by the world. Our main market is Australia, Asia, Europe, Middle East etc. As the anti-dumping policy between China and US, we rarely export our products to America, while we still have some clients in Canada.

Recently, the Aluminum Association and its members are calling for a negotiated agreement between the US and Chinese governments to address the overcapacity issue and the unfair trade practices that have resulted as the domestic aluminum industry is growing and has the potential to be an even bigger bright spot for US manufacturing. This will be a chance for all the factories in China.

HY Industry

HY Industry is also growing and expanding our business, we can not only manufacture aluminum grating, aluminum louver, expanded grating, aluminum stanchions, steel grating, stair tread and so on, we can also do the laser cutting, OEM. Our metal grating is popular used in the world, especially in Australia. We can do the cutting, welding, coating, anodizing per as customers’ requirements. External sunscreen is also popular as the outdoor shutters, it is light with elegant appearance. Expanded grating, as HY new product, is loved by many customers, its knurled surface makes it sparking. Anyway, HY is growing bigger and bigger, stepping forward to the world.