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Architectural Louver An Ventilation Building Facade

1, Architectural louver forms:

Since the beginning, its basic functions include ventilation, shade and privacy, now more used from indoor structure to outdoor component gradually, and become an important element of building facades.

2, Outdoor Aluminum shutters function:

A. Seal: the card slot between the blade seal and connector, sealing ring between the blades and seals. Ensure that the shutter is completely closed to isolate external noise, dust, wind and rain.

B. Ventilation and shading as well: you can adjust the angle of the blades, to ensure natural ventilation, and block harmful ultraviolet radiation;

C. Automatic fire and smoke, ventilation: a connected with the fire protection system, for emergency, it can automatically achieve the effect of smoke extraction ventilation. Absolute smoke after fully open spaces (open 90 degrees), the smoke can quickly make the shortest possible time, ensure the security of lives and property;

D. A variety of open ways: aluminum louvers and door combination to form flat door/window, door/window, and so on.

Architectural louver

3.  Varied forms of architectural louvers , if from material difference, including metal louver, plastic blinds, wooden blinds and glass louvers.

A. Plastic shutter: its own colors varied, often used for indoors, but its easy to deformation and aging. PVC plastic shutters and more for building by the sea, with sea salt air corrosion resistance. There are advocates of classical style, louver door of modern kitchen with the shape space of grace.

B. Metal louvers: it includes a variety of aluminum shutters and special metal blinds shutter, as well as due to its stable performance and quality noble facade that has been widely used in construction. HY produced aluminum louvers are suitable and the premier choice for constructions as the ventilation facade screens and architectural louvers.

C. Wooden blinds: wood shutters uses an older, widely used in various types of construction, in some countries, the use of wooden Venetian blinds has become a façade of a unique symbols and styles. But its very nature easily eroded by natural factors, need to be used for the outer façade of the building, but its natural color, love for the people.

D. Glass shutter: glass Venetian appeared rather late, but because of its unique style favored by modern architectural design. Best permeability of glass louvers. Architects used glass louvers are impressed by its look, admire it "very beautiful". Blade selection of different materials such as transparent or frosted glass, you can get a different visual effect.

4. The combination of architectural louver and building facades Architectural louvers in the façade of a building used in combination made outstanding contribution for the facade shapes, louvers come to dominate some of the building's façade design.

A. Louvers group and open level: in the building's façade, blinds in a horizontal manner, constitute pure horizontal lines.

B. Vertical expand, the louvers group in a vertical direction, constitute a straight vertical line.

C. Staggered: the arrangement occurs in houses and public buildings, which makes the facades lively and energetic.

D.Louvers at the top: the shutters as a form of the roof, to the effect of sunlight, also becoming an important decorative elements for top of buildings.