HY Industry Corporation Limited

Another meeting for aluminum expanded grating

There is another good news that one of our customers will be coming soon. This is an important and a challenging period for us, cause a lot of customers are coming one by one.

These meetings provide us good chances to enhance customers’ beliefs on us and will also make us get more well along with each other. After meeting, we build more close personal touch besides of the business relationship.

This customer imported our aluminum expanded grating before, and they were pretty satisfied with our products, they even had a email to me to thank everyone in my company for our work. While as the recession in the world and the price increasing of aluminum materials in China, the customer haven’t played orders for months. But now, this customer tell me that he would come to China and visit our factory, which shows that he still trust us and want to re-cooperate with us. Besides of aluminum walkway grating, they are still in need of the spare parts used for installation, swaged aluminum grating, aluminum stanchions and so on. In this meeting, customer will see our products and have more confidence on us. In the near future, we will be good partners.

 aluminum expanded grating