HY Industry Corporation Limited

Aluminum Grating Process and Installation

The most important process for aluminum grating is swaging. It is the advantage and this technology is modern. The swaging machine is designed and owned by HY.

Have aluminum ingot melt in the furnace and then extruded in the mold to be aluminum flats. After aging, aluminum flats become hard. Then have the flats serrated and punched, make the cross bars into the punching holes. Then swaging the product to make it stable. The aluminum grating is finished ! At last we can cut or band as per customers’ requirements.

Bearing bars are usually flats and the cross bars defaults to 8x8mm square bars.

We usually weld flat bars on the back of the aluminum grating, customers drill several holes and make bolts to install. Other installation methods could be available as per customers’ requirements.

process for aluminum grating