HY Industry Corporation Limited

Aluminum grating for building facade

HY aluminum grating widely used as grating flooring, while it’s also generally used at building facade. It’s could be used as window louvers for ventilation, sun screens, it’s environmental friendly. Aluminum grating used as window louvers not only controls the circulation of air, liquid, light, solid, heat, electromagnetic waves and sound waves, but also reduce the air-conditioning running cost. Aluminum grating can also used as building wall, it controls the circulation of air, heat, sunlight etc, while it provides people indoor a good view, it’s also beautiful and elegant.

Swaged aluminum grating is the most commonly used as facade wall or fencing wall, it’s light, beautiful, easy to be installed. Flush top grating is another popular product for facade, it’s pretty nice using at building facade with its dove tail flats. And dove tail grating is with a higher bearing load than swaged aluminum grating. Pressure locked grating could also be used as building wall or fencing when requiring high bearing capacity and durability.

When used as fencing, aluminum grating can provide safety, and control the number when people passing, grating makes it smart and elegant.