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Aluminum awnings application for skyscraper

With the aluminum awnings widely used in the exterior of skyscraper or urban high buildings, they get more attentions as one of the most popular construction materials recently. Here in China, there is one high building located at the CBD area in the province capital city - Zhengzhou, Henan. The building design is inspired by classical column, under the night sky, lustrous and brilliant as a light tower, drawing attentions. The lower floors are for offices and the higher floors for hotels.

In the design of the skyscraper, the designer combine it with advance environment technology. Here to mention is the aluminum awnings used surrounding the building. Through reflection of scientific computation, aluminum awnings help enhancing the effect of indoor natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting. In addition, solar reflectors can be installed at the top of the building so that the sunlight reflection into the hotel atrium. Building is also equipped with intelligent control system, the system can use external pressure and internal chimney effect, creating a good ventilation environment.

Here let’s have an overview of the extraordinary building with the application of aluminum awnings:

aluminum awnings

extraordinary building with the application of aluminum awnings

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