HY Industry Corporation Limited

Aluminum and Steel Stanchions

With the ball-joint design, HY aluminum stanchions and steel stanchions is elegant and strong and loved by the customers. It could be used at kinds of platform ladders, shipyard, bridgework, power plant, iron&steel works, sewage treatment plant, water works, gardens, municipal roads, airports, wharf, etc. Regarding surface treatment, anodizing, coating and mill finish are available, while the hot-dip galvanizing, and untreated are available, of which the hot-dip galvanizing is recommended. Steel stanchion is featuring with robustness, convenient installation, elegant appearance, and good anti-corrosive benefiting from hot-dip galvanizing.

HY aluminum stanchions

We are exporting aluminum and steel stanchions to the world, we exported hundreds of steel stanchions with hot-dip galvanizing and black painting to America to take part in the public works in Norfolk. After galvanizing and painting, the steel stanchions have much better capacity of anti corrosion. Our customer is pretty satisfied with the quality of the steel stanchions.

We can fabricate stanchions as customers’ needs, and keep providing our good products and service to our customers. Just feel free to contact us for any enquiry.